Sunday, February 3, 2013

Five Shots or Six?

Hey guys, I just finished my second iteration of my Foundations video (I was less than enthusiastic about how my first video involving a Minecraft contraption turned out.  I wish that I would have had more time for the detail work, but I was limited by time (wasn't able to start shooting until mid afternoon the day before the video was due, and couldn't start editing until late) as well as my lack of experience in video creation.

That being said, I decided to poke some fun at the obsessive consumption of ammunition in action movies, and I also enjoyed playing with the new toy I bought over summer and have only shot 3 or 4 days since.

I'm a little upset with myself that I didn't bring other guns along with to play with while making the video, just to add a little spice.  Although, I did finally find a use for the sample music on Windows.


  1. Hey Drew!
    I watched your video, and I thought it was great!
    At first I thought, "Okay, he's shooting randomly into the middle of nowhere...that's great." But then it finally dawned on me that "Hey, he's probably going to spell out 'English for New Media' with the bullet holes." And, I was right. It was a creative way to show the program off.

  2. Awesome video! You seem to be a pretty good shot! I am going to link your badass video to my blog.