Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My use of new new media (or lack thereof)

I still remember when my friends finally got me to make a Myspace page, only to have them immediately start getting emails inviting me to join the Facebook community.  The Myspace page was quickly ignored, and it took the same friends a significant time to get me to actually move on to Facebook (figuring it would be gone as soon as the last big thing).  After making the page, I rarely checked it (sometimes going months at a time), and to this day I continue that trend.  It isn't really intentional, there's just so many other things to occupy my time.  Facebook has made itself useful on several occasions, such as receiving new phone numbers from people who have lost/broken their phone or finding someone to car pool back to Aberdeen with.  Even being so disconnected from Facebook, it is such a prevalent force that I find it difficult to imagine what life would be like without it.

My recent fascination with the abundance of "lets play" videos on youtube have made me wonder if I have what it takes to run a semi-popular series as well.  I don't see it working out quite as well as some of the more popular shows, but youtube provides me with a medium to at least test the possibility.  Considering our class discussion about making a presence on the web, it could be a way to stand out, at least to some extent.

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