Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tools of the Trade

I own a handful of devices that give me the ability to contribute to new new media.  The most recent of which is a Kindle (for anyone wondering, completely worth it).  I haven't had much of a chance to use it yet, but I'm working on making time for it.

My smartphone is probably the most versatile tool, but I really don't use it for as much as I could (I avoid using facebook apps and the like).  I use it fairly often for looking things up in the name of research or listening to music.  It has replaced my old digital camera, which is now so outdated that it is probably more qualified to crush rocks than take pictures. 

The most useful tool I have is obviously my computer (the source of my work and entertainment).  I have Audacity installed for recording audio, a tool that has only come in handy a few times, as well as a trial version of Bandicam (allows me to record videos, lasting up to 10 minutes, of a target window).  The trial version also puts a watermark on the edge of the video.

I also own several game systems (including a SNES, PS2, xbox, xbox 360, and Nintendo DS).  Finally, I own an old SLR camera somewhere (old enough to use film)  that takes excellent pictures.  Because film costs money and there is an extra step to getting the pictures on the computer, I usually only take it out of storage for special occasions and vacations.

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